• Our test is real-time RT-PCR method.
  • Our clinic is registered with TeCOT.
  • Our achievements of issuing PCR negative certificate:Korea, Brazil, U.S.A, Taiwan, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Peru, Columbia, Spain, UK, France, Italy, Morocco, UAE, Saudi Arabia. 
  • Our clinic is the one of Hawaii Trusted Testing Partners. 
  • Our clinic is NOT designated to test institution of China. 
  • Fee(Tax in): PCR test ¥27,000, PCR negative certificate ¥3,000,  Health certificate ¥3,000, Overtime charge ¥10,000
  • Payment: Cash, Credit card, PayPay, LINEPay, Bank transfer(in the case of company and group)

1 reservation

You can make a reservation from Monday to Thursday 12:00-13:00, 14:00-16:00 by telephone(our main phone number:  0552762300, in Japanese only) .


Although you can't make a reservation , you can take the test from Monday to Thursday morning in order of reception.


Please ask if you want to take the test on Saturday or holiday with surcharge. 


By the day before the test, please send Web request form below. 

2 sampling

We take sample from nasopharynx or saliva in the special room which is the right of the center entrance. The room of door with handle is silver color.   


We check your body temperature in some cases. 


Please call 0552762300 or send SMS when you arrived at the parking of our clinic(we notice a special phone number in overtime case or using SMS). After we are ready to the test, we call you or send SMS to you.


In principle, we clean up the special room's wall, seat, door and knob with alcohol each sampling time,  except for family or the same group.  


3 Result

The certificate is written in English and Japanese.


We give the draft certificate when sampling. If you notice any mistakes after sampling, please contact us by SMS.


We usually issue the certificate on paper. If you wish, we can also send E-mail with attached PDF certificate. 


Required time to find a result is about one hour. But, please note there is a delay because of other people's test and examinations on consultation hours.